25th January 2017

The Arts Foundation Awards 2017 Filmmaker Sam Stevens Wins £10,000 Essay Filmmaking Fellowship

Filmmaker Sam Stevens has won the Essay Filmmaking Fellowship in the annual Arts Foundation Awards 2017. The winners were announced at an award ceremony at Conway Hall, London, presented by guest of honour Will Self.

Judge Andrew Kotting said of the winner, “A fine and inspired shortlist of both established and emerging talent made the job of choosing a winner very difficult, however in Samuel Stevens’ work we found diversity and rigour and a spirit that probed and cajoled. The pacing was immaculate and the rhythms of sound-image correlation were seductive and informative. The ambition of Samuel’s proposed essay film was also impressive and exact.”

Press Release

Sat 21 Jan 2017, 2–6pm


A special event dedicated to the art of the Essay Film, featuring the work of four diverse filmmakers shortlisted for the Arts Foundation Essay Film Award and a discussion with writer Sophie Mayer.

The shortlist, comprising Charlie Lyne, Marianna Simnett, Sam Stevens and Sarah Wood each approach the genre of the Essay Film from diverse perspectives in their practice.

Sophie Mayer concludes the event with a discussion on the rich history of the essay film, and its contemporary diversity as seen in the work of the featured artists.

28th April-28th Aug. 2016


Una idea de Europa


Curated by Aimar Arriola and Soledad Gutierrez the exhibition shows pieces from 16 international artists from the late 70s to the present: Victor Alimpiev, Ibon Aranberri, Angela Bulloch, Tacita Dean, Gintaras Didžiapetris, Willie Doherty, Jon Mikel Euba, Harun Farocki, Dora Garcia, Doug Hall, Chris marker, Antoni Muntadas, Hans Op de Beeck, Martha Rosler, Monica Ross and Samuel Stevens.

This exhibition is an invitation to engage in a dialogue on Europe, considering issues such as migration, border management and human rights. A proposal that begins with the idea of Europe as incommensurable, as it is comprised of disparate visions, multiple languages, and as its value cannot be measured by a common standard.

4th February 2015

Kinoculture: Fronts and Frontiers

Fronts and Frontiers is our third screening in the Kinetics season in partnership with The Independent Cinema Office.

Playing to Oswestry's own position on the edge of England, this programme of short films looks at borders and boundaries. From Patrick Keiller's early film 'The End', in which an unreliable narrator crosses Europe, to Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar's first-hand account of a tunnel crossing in the Occupied Territories, the filmmakers explore what it means to live within or transgress borders, whether lines on a map or wall through a city.

Artist Samuel Stevens will join us to discuss his own film 'Atlantropa'.

Thursday 27th March 2014


Film Screening and DVD + BOOK launch

Birkbeck Cinema, London

Monday 4th March 2013


6-9pm Launch event/private view

Group show featuring new work by Samuel Stevens.

Gallery Studio 1.1, 57 Red Church Street, London

8th July 2012

e-flux video rental finds a permanent home

Unité d'Habitation, Esperi, Zubr, Jarmark Europa and Sin Papeles find permanent home in the Moderna Galerija/Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia with e flux video rental.

17th November 2011

Why Look? solo show at The Joinery Dublin, opens

The Selected Stories Project is a five-part project curated by the Joinery from this September to January of next year. The project will be made up of five individual shows and will include talks and screenings, bringing together a range of artists, curators and writers whose work engages with, and challenges perceptions of ‘the real’. The project will culminate in a publication of essays, writings and interviews by invited writers Rebecca O’Dwyer and Sean O’Sullivan.

23th September 2011

Three Films On Language/Poland/Belarus released online via Pamphleteerfilms

Three Films on Language/Poland/Belarus by Samuel Stevens is a DVD/book set of the three films, Jarmark Europa (2005), Esperi (2005) and Zubr (2006) that originate in a journey undertaken by the artist from Warsaw to the Belarusian National Park headquarters in Kamieniuki, Belarus. The films focus on a, Vietnamese community of market traders that existed in what was once (but has since been demolished) Europe's largest outdoor market, Jarmark Europa; Esperanto, through an interview with the president of the founding Esperanto society headquarters in Bialystok; the threat of deforestation to Europe's last remaining primeval forest Belovezhskaya Pushcha triggered by the closure of the border between Poland and Belarus and the suppression of the Belarusian language by Lukashenko's government.

10th June, 2011

Eight Metaphors, book launch and performance at ICA, London

To celebrate the launch of new book 8 Metaphors, LUX's Associate Artist Programme delivers an evening of readings and presentations by eight artists from the programme. Taking its lead from the principle of the book, each reading will examine how the moving image can be translated into mediums other than film and video. The event includes presentations from Luke Fowler, Laura Gannon, Duncan Marquiss, Laure Prouvost, Grace Schwindt, Sam Stevens, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, Stina Wirfelt and Isla Leaver-Yap.


16th March 2011

A Sunken Trembling Recalled Deeply, The Otolith Group at the Globe, Frankfurt, Atlantropa Screening.

The three days of Globe are in fact structured as thematic episodes to help the duo explore a series of specific questions and problems currently vexing them ahead of their next intense phase of artistic production. "We’re not the masters of ceremony at all. We want to create an alternative form of pedagogy in which we learn from artists whose work we respect and want to understand further. The films don’t ever illustrate the research but we couldn’t make them without going through this period of study and without exposing at least some of that process to a public audience."

23rd February 2011

Special Feature screening of ATLANTROPA at OVNI film festival CCCB Barcelona 22-27th

OVNI 2011 aims to exhibit and to reflect upon the different phenomena of dis_reality, their forms and implications, their repercussions and the horizons they illuminates, or recalls.


16th October 2010

Atlantropa screened in Frieze Film at the Frieze Art Fair, Regents Park, London

Frieze Film
Screening in a specially constructed cinema for the duration of the Fair, this year's Frieze Film presents four new film commissions by Jess Flood-Paddock, Linder and FLAMIN supported artists Elizabeth Price and Stephen Sutcliffe.

The four films will screen alongside various film programmes, as well as existing works by this year's Frieze Projects artists: ResoVision - FLAMIN Film Programme
In addition to its radio broadcasts Resonance104.4fm will be running ResoVision, a four day television channel live from this year's Frieze Art Fair. Among the ResoVision programme will be a screening of FLAMIN supported projects, featuring films by Rachel Reupke, Samuel Stevens and Luciano Zubilaga.


29th September 2010

Atlantropa screened at Centro culturale francese di Palermo e della Sicilia with Leaving Room.

La situazione particolare della Sicilia, crocevia di flussi migratori di cui la storia recente è segnata, ha portato il Centre Culturel Français de Palerme et de Sicile ed il Goethe-Institut Palermo a presentare Leaving Room | Sicilia, un progetto ideato da Daniele Rugo e Roberto Cavallini, già presentato a Valencia, Venezia, Istanbul, Castello e Tangeri.
Leaving Room vuole interrogarsi sull’esilio, la condizione degli immigrati e dei clandestini, le logiche migratorie, le frontiere, ma propone anche una riflessione sull’immagine e il cinema ed il rapporto tra etica e cinema.
Attraverso i film presentati, riaffermando che la cultura è per definizione mista e variegata, si vuole dimostrare che la migrazione di questi ultimi anni non costituisce un fenomeno omogeneo, che non esistono teorie o metodi applicabili a tutto né logiche migratorie, bensì solo esperienze singolari.


23rd September 2010

WHEN I SIT DOWN TO WRITE (DVD and booklet) released online.

The DVD and booklet WHEN I SIT DOWN TO WRITE with essay by Stephen Connolly is available to purchase online through PAMPHLETEER FILMS and LUX as well as selected London outlets.

This DVD and booklet set brings together two film works that explore issues of migration as they manifest in contemporary Spain. Sin Papeles (2005) relates the encounter of the artist with a site of migrant resistance - the Santa Maria del Pi Church in Barcelona - host to a hunger strike by migrants in 2001. Stevens' award winning film Atlantropa (2009) presents restricted images of the Ceuta frontier anchored by a voiceover spinning a loose narrative around a fictional bridge - spanning the Gibraltar Straits connecting Europe and North Africa - as the film visually explores the infrastructure of the Spanish-Moroccan frontier.

6th June 2010

Atlantropa and Sin Papeles will be screened by Serpentine cinema: CINACT in association with Sketch at the Gate cinema Notting Hill, London

Atlantropa and Sin Papeles will be screening alongside work by Adria Julia. Atlantropa will be accompanied with live narration by actor Tyrone Huggins. The screening will also mark the launch of a booklet titled When I Sit Down to Write... compiling collected texts with a preface by the artist and essay by film-maker Stephen Connolly on the films Atlantropa and Sin Papeles.

29th March 2010

Atlantropa wins Best False Fiction Award, at the Ann Arbor Film Festival

The False Fiction Award is one of 6 jury awards, named and decided by the festival jurors Ben Russell, Irina Leimbacher and Tomonari Nishikawa. To see which other films won awards follow the link below.

28th March 2010 Ann Arbor Film Festival

Atlantropa will be screened as part of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan. The Ann Arbor Film Festival is internationally recognized as a premiere showcase for creative, inspiring, and influential films of all types: avant-garde and experimental, story-based narratives, documentaries, and animation. As the longest-running independent and experimental film festival in North America, the AAFF is steeped in a rich tradition of ground-breaking cinema. Thousands of influential filmmakers have showcased early work at the AAFF, including luminaries such as Kenneth Anger, Agnes Varda, Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, Gus Van Sant, Barbara Hammer, Lawrence Kasdan, Devo and George Lucas.


9th October 2009 Darklight Festival Dublin

Atlantropa has been selected for screening as part of the Darklight Film Festival. The film will be presented along side a selection of pre -1989 films by East German filmmakers to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the fall of The Berlin Wall, presented in association with Goethe Institute.


1st July 1 2009

Best Western and Monument broadcast on SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH

Samuel Stevens early video works Monument and Best Western are running on SOUVENIRS FROM EARTH, the first TV Station broadcasting a nonstop program of high quality Film and Video Art on the European Cable Network. The work is presented on a weekly program.


1st June 2009

Cinematheque de Tanger

The films Atlantropa, Passage and Sin Papeles included in Cinematheque de Tanger Collection.


10th June 2009

Transmission Interupted, Modern Art Oxford

Short video and film works from Jem Cohen, Claire Fontaine and Samuel Stevens (Atlantropa and Sin Papeles) at Modern Art Oxford as part of the exhibition Transmission Interupted.


20th March 2009

Leaving Room, Tangiers, Cinematheque de Tanger, Morocco

Screening Programme includes works by: Sam Stevens (Atlantropa), Giacomo Mondadori, Ursula Biemann and Angela Sanders, Kaya Behkalam, Max Lemcke, Sarah Benillouche, Mahnaz Mohammadi.


26th November 2008

Lux Associate Artists 2008-2009 Announced

The LUX Associate Artists Programme is for artists working with the moving image, who have completed a graduate or post-graduate course in the past five years. It aims to provide an intensive development focused on critical discourse, extending to the practical and infrastructural issues that present challenges for artists working with the medium. The programme aims to provide a mutually supportive context in which to develop work, and to benefit from networking and learning opportunities with arts professionals closely involved in artists’ moving image, with funding to realise a final group project.